Friday, February 27, 2009

End of a chickadee

The tail end, that is.

I was trying to catch this one at the feeder, but was a split-second too late. But look at those fanned wings and tail! And the little curled-up feet!

The blurred curves below are wing tracks.

More conventional view. Lined up for the feeder. Waiting for me to put the camera down.

Back to planned posts, next. A more cheerful look at the Crescent Beach critters.



  1. Love that first picture ... good thing you were slow on the draw!!!

  2. That is one cool picture! Doesn't look like a chickadee from the tail end at all. Great capture of the moment!

  3. I love the first shot...WOW..

  4. What an amazing photo!! How cool :) I love chickadees... they're one of my favorite birds :)

  5. Sweet photo of the Chickadee in flight!

  6. That's the way i see/photograph a LOT of my birds. I say that they need to hav a field guide for birds flying away!


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