Thursday, November 06, 2008

Time wasters

I've been wasting time, reading and watching the wrap-ups on yesterday's news. Not that I had the time to waste, but when has that ever stopped me?

And I lost another hour or so, reading my Plants of Coastal British Columbia, trying to identify this:

A tall, spare plant, with tiny yellow flowers. An aster of some sort. I find these yellow weeds; hawkweed, hawksbeard, cat's ear, sow-thistle, nipple-wort, etc., extremely confusing. I wonder if there's any simple way to remember which is which. They're worse than bees!

And this one should be a red osier dogwood.

A medium to tall shrub, leaves with prominent veins, red in the fall, flowers and white berries (only two here) in terminal clusters.

Nice that some things, at least, are simple.

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  1. Those yellow weeds ... ARE confusing!


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