Monday, November 10, 2008

Still working on those problems ...

The grey line is still there. And Island Walks tells me that the blog has been slow loading recently.

So I've temporarily removed some of the links to other pages, including my blogrolls, to see if that helps. Sorry about that; I'll get them back A.S.A.P.

Back to the innards, looking around for grey lines ...


  1. Anonymous4:32 pm

    I do see the line (sorry) and have no clue what might be causing it. Good luck trouble shooting this very aggravating problem.

  2. There are two lines, the second at the left margin. Interesting that they go "under" the text and pictures. Have you tried changing the pale green background colour,or otherwise played around with the colour settings?

    Under Layout/Fonts & Colors, is that grey color included in your blog colors? Maybe you can hunt it down in your colour selections and change it to green?

    Very odd problem. I hope you find a solution soon.

  3. I have sent you an email Weeta with a link to others with this is a blogger related service problem that others have also I believe but it may take time for them to fix it so if you can add your complaint to this page also.

  4. Oh, that's distracting! I'm reading your posts through Google Reader for the moment. Is it associated with particular templates?

  5. I see you changed the template and you have no vertical line now...looks fine now Weeta.

  6. Thanks, all!

    Hugh gave me the clue; it was the template, because it didn't affect text or photos. I hadn't changed the template; Blogger had.

    I flipped through templates and came back to the original, but I edited it line by line, taking out most of the rounded corners. I liked them, but not if they fell in the wrong places.

    A few more tweaks, and I should be back to normal.


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