Monday, November 10, 2008

Mossy truck. Not a typo.

Yesterday, driving home from Abbotsford the long way round, we passed this truck:

The green is not paint.

Molds, lichen, moss. Have you ever seen a mossy truck before?

There were moments, today, when I was comparing Blogger to this truck. Not favourably. However, I think all is well, except that now I have to re-do my blogrolls.

And thanks! to all who gave ideas and sympathy.


  1. loving that truck :-D

  2. We pass this truck OFTEN on our way out to see Mither!

  3. I wish we had stopped and taken more photos of it, maybe checked out the lichens close-up. But it was raining and cold, and we were tired. We took photos out the car window.

    Next time, for sure!


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