Monday, October 27, 2008

Half a dozen photos of an old branch

We found this beautifully engraved branch jammed in among the logs and rocks in the splash zone at Kwomais Point. At first glance, it looked man-made. But no, it is the work of smaller artists:

Artistry by bark-tunnelling insects.

Look at the designs they have made!

Is that a fish, down in the shadows?

Woman in furs


I peeled back the bark from one section. The wood was still damp, and the contents of the tunnels stayed with the bark. See how the raised design on the bark matches the engraving on the wood beneath.

I don't know what type of creature does this. The branch was green wood, still flexible, not driftwood, so it would have been carved on the tree; these are not marine organisms.

And it was too long for the car; maybe we should be carrying a saw on our outings, too.

A mouse logo.



  1. Awesome artistry.

  2. Isn't it just?

    Design and execution by Anonymous.


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