Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Nicomekl River is a tranquil, meandering, dawdling little river. It crawls across the Fraser Delta from the low hills east of Langley to drop its share of the farm soils into the bird heaven that is Mud Bay. The water is a green-brown mud colour.

If the light is right, it makes an excellent mirror; nothing shines through from underneath:

The name comes from the Halq'emeylem, and means, "the route to go" or "the pathway." Which makes sense; it is an easy river to navigate in small craft, if short (34 km).

On our way to Crescent Beach and Kwomais Point, we often stop at the last little bridge that crosses it.

One-lane bridge. Not too much traffic.

There's not much to see; slow water upriver, slow water downriver. Sometimes a duck or two. But it's a restful spot.

Looking upstream: that bridge is the one we will cross going home.

Once, many years ago, we fished upriver; a lazy, sleepy afternoon, watching the red and white floats drift on the stream, catching nothing.

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