Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Astigmatism at the mall

Laurie had an appointment with the ophthalmologist near Surrey Central*. Afterwards, we walked back to the mall:

Pointing up and out.

Surrey Central tower.

The tower, reflected in the mall windows.

Zooming in. No, that's not the eye drops; that's what it looks like.

Reflections and a view of the mall interior, superimposed.

The upturned-boat roof of the mall.

And to rest those poor abused eyes, a view of the world out there. But still a warped reflection.

We have to go back to the eye clinic now.

*Mall, SkyTrain station, and Simon Fraser University, all scrambled together.


  1. Very strange. If only you could find the image of Mary or Jesus in those windows, you would be famous!

  2. Hey, good idea!

    *goes to inspect all the photos again*


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