Sunday, July 06, 2008

Family matters.

Family parties are fun, but hard to describe afterwards. Except that everybody talks all at once, and that the food is always our favourite dishes. (I took albóndigas en chile verde, meatballs in green chile sauce; recipe if requested.)

I have a few photos, though, that you may enjoy.

The youngest member of the party: Baby Yellow-foot. Carefully tended by Sophia.

Gift from my granddaughter; 40 stems of sweet pea. Mmmm!

The artist, practicing for her first exhibition, next week in Gastown. (If you're in the area, do come: details at Girls in the City.)

Annika, mournful at being excluded from the goings-on.

You're looking at me! Does that mean I can come in now?

No, it doesn't. She's a great, humongous, tail-and-hind-end-wagging, bouncing, licking, rolling, hairy, hungry (always hungry) mountain of unbridled enthusiasm and she has to visit with us one at a time. Sorry, Annika.

Annika's view of the proceedings.

Icing! Yum!

Next: a walk around the Strathcona streets. Houses, gardens, art.


  1. UUuuupppsss! It is certain. Your link must go to the section Biological Sphere. You are not infectious. :-P the truth is that it was thought that they are too much I connect. Total many I must to you in the RSS reader.
    A greeting. That luck your granddaughters, a grandmother who does not give to fear the tiny beasts him!

  2. Summer lends itself to family get togethers ... we are in the throes of some as I write. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Yes ... the dull roar of conversation that arises from these times. Once in a while I just sit back and listen to the total sound, then try to pick out the individual conversations.

    Poor Annika, to be banned from a party when such a social being is very, very HARD!

    Alas, we will not be in Vancouver next week ... so we miss out again. One day we just might strike it right.


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