Monday, September 03, 2007

Update links from RockFlippin'

Dave Bonta has posted a list of links to RockFlippers; I am reproducing it here. Good blogs to check out, some of them new to me.

UPDATE (Sept 2, 11:30 EDT): The Flickr photo pool continues to grow, along with Bev’ Pbase gallery. Blogger-participants so far include:

Windywillow (Ireland)
Heraclitean Fire (London, England)
Sheep Days (Illinois, USA)
Earth, Wind & Water (somewhere in the Caribbean)
Pocahontas County Fare (West Virginia, USA)
chatoyance (Austin, Texas)
Fragments from Floyd (Virginia, USA) - GRAND PRIZE WINNER
Watermark (Montana, USA)
pohanginapete (Aotearoa/New Zealand)
Fate, Felicity, or Fluke (Oregon, USA)
Thomasburg Walks (Ontario, Canada)
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Woman (Queensland, Australia)
The Transplantable Rose (Austin, Texas)
Nature Woman (New York state, USA)
Marja-Leena Rathje (British Columbia, Canada)
A Blog Around the Clock (North Carolina, USA)
Busy Dingbat’s Sphere (West Virginia, USA)
Hoarded Ordinaries (New Hampshire, USA)
Congo Days (Kinshasa, Congo)
this too (London, England)
Roundrock Journal (Missouri, USA)
Wanderin’ Weeta (British Columbia, Canada)
Blaugustine (London, England)
A Honey of an Anklet (Virginia, USA)
Looking Up (Ohio, USA)
Ontario Wanderer (Ontario, Canada)
Bug Safari (California, USA)
Riverside Rambles (Missouri, USA)
Pure Florida (Florida, USA)
Burning Silo (Ontario, Canada)
Musings from Myopia (Texas, USA)
Cicero Sings (British Columbia, Canada)
Joan (Missouri, USA)
Nature Remains (Kentucky, USA)
prairie point (north Texas)

I still (as of 11:30 Sept. 2) have another post or two to write on IRFD festivities here in Plummer’s Hollow, but I’ll continue to update this post with new links as they come in. If you don’t see your own blog post listed, please email me: bontasaurus (at) yahoo (dot) com. And feel free to reproduce this list on your own blog, or anywhere else.

Scariest find of the day: a copperhead, within striking distance, at Roundrock Journal.
Most amusing: Ontario Wanderer flips rocks on her desk.
Farthest afield: Congo Days, in Kinshasha.
Most ... off-topic? Weird? ... Most saintly! That's it! Sheep Days.
The best excuse for not flipping rocks: at Hoarded Ordinaries.
The most disgruntled post: Flipping the Grindstone at Sans God.

Any more votes for "Most YouNameIt"?

Updates, added as I find them:
Sans God (Northumberland, UK) checks in late, but with a good excuse.
Bill, at Prairie Point, finds a cockroach.
More pillbugs: Flipping Out at microecos.
And, in the comments, Dave reminds me of the video at Cephalopodcast. Here's the link.


  1. Sounds like fun!-Vern from Big Spring Birds posted about this as well.-I didn't realize what a big event it was.

  2. I think Dave and Bev were surprised, too!

  3. Having slept on it, I was in a bit of a strop wasn't I?

    Some great blogs in this list - thanks for posting.

  4. Jamon,

    "a bit of a strop"; yes, you were. Even to the point of accusing poor little woodlice of "looking shifty" when they were just enjoying a quiet family reunion.


    I'm glad you caught up on your sleep.

  5. Anonymous6:36 am

    Don't miss the IRFD video at Cephalopodcast.

  6. Dave,

    Cool! I added the link.


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