Thursday, July 01, 2010

And it squirmed all the way down

A heron was fishing on our beach. He was so intent on his prey that he let me sneak up close, and crouch down behind a rock to take photos.

Here he is with one of the gunnels he had for lunch.

At the low tide line

"What do I see there?"

"Caught it!"

Very much alive. And flipping madly.




Between flips, the heron would shake the gunnel violently. I couldn't catch that; the action was too fast, just a blur.


No. It's flipping again.

"Whew! Almost lost it there!"

Getting a better grip. Flip!

Got it by the middle, now.

Sliding the fish up towards the mouth. Still twisting back and forth.


"Ahhhh! That was delicious!"

And he went back to his fishing. He caught three while we watched.

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Steve Willson said...

That's a really nice series of shots. I love to watch herons hunt. Except when they're cleaning all the tadpoles out of my water garden.

Clytie said...

I have seen herons fishing before, but never have I seen them catching! This is a wonderful series of photos!!!

Larry said...

Super series of the Great Blue Heron fishing Susannah! That last shot where the bird is all puffed up is my favorite. It looks like it just did the "get that down the gullet" shake!

JSK said...

wonderful series of photos! Thanks for sharing.