Friday, July 02, 2010

Canada Day colours

Canada Day. July 1st. Summer. (I know; it doesn't look summery.)

It rained off and on all day. We stayed home. Laurie read; I cleaned my desk. We talked about the Queen's visit, reminisced about the last time we saw her, long, long ago, when the world was young. She wore a peach-coloured dress when I took her photo on my black box Kodak. More or less this colour, but somewhat paler:

Lauxaniid fly that dropped in to visit on Canada Day.

I looked for the photos of the occasion, but the only one I can find is this, of a kilted redcoat leaving the stadium. Not that it matters; the photo I was looking for showed only a peach dot, 'way down there on the field.

Photo taken summer of 1959. In Toronto, with Lake Ontario in the background.

The next day, back at work, someone said that the Queen would be driving down our street. We closed the office and lined the sidewalk. Sure enough, here she came, in an open car, waving. I was at the curb, barely a car's width from her. I didn't have my camera with me.

I wonder if she remembers me?


  1. Times sure have changed, now almost everyone has a camera in their phone to capture everything. But sometimes I think the pictures in our minds are still the best. - Margy

  2. How wonderful to have the memories, though!


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