Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An hour to kill

I'm still sorting our vacation pictures, in no particular order. My whim of the moment; that's the deciding factor.

The mouse landed on Saltery Bay today.

A destination arrived at.

From Saltery Bay, the ferry would take us to Earl's Cove. But we had over an hour to wait.

Nobody in the ferry lineup

So we walked into town. What there is of it: on Google maps, I counted 20 houses, on two streets. We covered half of one of those.

Cliff on the first corner. There's a house on top. Great view!

A patch of lichen growing on the rock.

It's a leaf lichen, with brown fruiting bodies.

More rock dwellers, with a polka-dotted leaf visitor.

Hawk-weed on the lip of the cliff.

Red stems, green leaves, white flowers of salal.

Lamb's ear. I love these furry leaves. The whole plant smells like bubblegum.

Crow and long shadow.

In front of the road-side burger-and-breakfast stand. The people were friendly, the crow hungry. But we'd already breakfasted, so he got no scraps from us. Next time, maybe.

Mock orange intertwined with blackberry canes, in an abandoned garden.

Reflections in a log-cabin window.

Near the landing, this tiny spider caught the light just right. It was too small for the naked eye: all I could see was the web and a dot in the centre.

Araneus sp.?

The centre of the web has an unusual bubble pattern. And the camera sees four eyes, and the "owl" pattern (or is it a cactus?) on the back. Sometimes my camera surprises me.

Ferry line-up. Time to go back to the car.

And here's the ferry, comin' for to carry us home. (Homeward, anyhow.)

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  1. Oh. wow. I enlarged all of your pictures and all I can say is wow! I enjoyed each one. What a trip! I'm so glad you had to wait for an hour!!! :=}


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