Monday, September 27, 2021

About that salamander:

In the comments on the last post, Tim mentioned that he had re-hydrated dried frogs. So I soaked the salamander to see what happened. First, some of the dirt that I hadn't been able to remove floated off.

Then the dried, scrunched-up toes opened up. And I saw that this little guy has only 4 toes on each front foot, although there are 5 on each rear foot.


Clean salamander.

And his left front foot.

Thanks, Tim!

Ayer, en los comentarios sobre la salamandra que encontré, tan seca, un amigo mencionó que había puesto unas ranas resecas en agua, logrando así verlas mejor.

Así que metí mi salamandra en agua filtrada y la dejé reposar. Primeramente, se le cayó algo de mugre que no había podido limpiar en seco. Y luego, los dedos de los pies, que estaban todos encogidos, se extendieron, y pude descubrir que en las patas delanteras, el animal solo tiene 4 dedos, 3 largos y uno corto.

En las patas traseras tiene los acostumbrados 5.


  1. Cool, I think that's the same number of toes as frogs. Are you going to leave it soaking a bit longer to see if it resurrects?

    1. No, I think he has been too long dried out. I have brought back crabs that escaped the tank - they're really good at that! - but if they were really dry, they recovered and died again soon after. So I soaked him in alcohol to remove the water, and have him drying on a paper towel.

  2. Interesting reading. Thanks

  3. catching up after weeks away due to bereavement. Nice post here - love the picture of those toes

    1. Bereavement; such a lonely word! Sorry for your loss.


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