Thursday, April 22, 2021

Sun and shade

 A few flowers from a quick walk down the riverside.

Probably wild cherry, or crabapple. I'll see in the summer. (Update: cherry.)

Really tiny, shoe-sole height. Field bitter-cress, Cardamine pratensis. Likes shade.

Hooker's fairybells. Deep shade.

 I think these are maple. Not on a tree; a shoot out of the underbrush.

Update: the last one has been identified as Sweet gale, Myrica gale, a wetlands/river and estuary plant.
Unas cuantas flores vistas en un paseo a la orilla del rio.

1. Creo que es un cerezo salvaje. O tal vez manzano silvestre. En el verano veré.
2. Una planta muy pequeña, a la altura de mis zapatos. Cardamine pratensis.
3. Campanitas de Hooker
4. Creo que es una rama de un maple juvenil.


  1. #1 is cherry; it only has one pistil. #4 looks like Myrica gale to me.

    1. Thanks! I looked up Myrica gale and found a photo at about the same stage. It looks right. I'll go back and look at it again once it develops leaves.


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