Monday, July 15, 2019

Giant's laundry

Every now and then I find a log on the ground that's twisted in a spiral, as if some giant had hand-washed it, wrung it out, and forgotten to hang it to dry. I have wondered what caused that; could it have been because of the way it fell?

But today, I found one still standing, and already wrung out.

Tall, twisted snag. On the highway to Zeballos.

Mid-section showing the spiral twist. The snags next to it are perfectly straight.

With a little twisty baby on the top.

Zeballos highlighted in pink. Snag halfway there from Hwy 19.


  1. A work of art as well as a possible fire hazard … this gnarly twisted branch looks like a creature climbing up the matchstick tree.

  2. It does! I hadn't noticed.


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