Saturday, May 18, 2019

Bee, beetle, rose

The Nootka roses are blooming. And the beetles and bees are busy.

Almost hairless bee, with her legs covered in pollen. And a tiny beetle, up there on the tip of the top left petal.

Another rose, another bee, with bigger saddlebags.

Here she is, zoomed in.

Years ago, I posted a sort of comparison of the different bees and bee mimics I'd seen on the Lower Mainland. I went back to it today for help in identifying these bees. It was a good reminder of the things to look for, but not much help with this set. At least they're not bee mimics, syrphid flies and the like; they have long, jointed antennae, round abdomens, and those saddlebags. And they're female: only the females carry the saddlebags, to bring home the groceries in.

I like the way they're so glossy that they reflect the pink of the rose petals.

More of those tiny beetles coming tomorrow: I took at least 30 photos, hoping for one in which most of them behaved, so I've got some sorting to do.

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