Sunday, April 07, 2019

Non-predatory spiderling

Last summer, I begged a tiny clipping off someone's spider plant; just a couple of inches long. It spent the winter on a shady, cool (cold, often) windowsill, and now it's sending out its long shoots and spiderlings. And flowering!

Three flowers, two buds. And the beginnings of a new plant.

The petals are about 1 cm. long.

Anyone want a clipping?

(It's been raining, I've been sneezing and sniffling; I've stayed inside, out of the wind and rain.)


  1. Fun fact. My parents had tons of spider plants around the house. Their wholesome looking flower buds seemed edibly innocuous, and snack worthy. Very few flowers survived long enough to bloom in our house.

    1. So I had to Google it. Yes, spider plants are edible. I never knew!

    2. Hah! Glad I'm not dead yet.

  2. Take care. I got my cold last February and it took forever to get rid of the cough. When I was working my plants last week I noticed my Spike plan as a baby sprouting from the base. This is in addition to the splits occurring after flowering. They are about 12 years old now so they are about 5 feet tall. Pretty good from a 10-inch plantling I got from Canadian Tire. - Margy


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