Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Hermit in a new coat

Through the glass, darkly ...

A photo taken in passing, without scrubbing the glass wall of the aquarium first.

One of the smaller hermits, in a brand new shell. And an orange-striped green anemone in an old shell. And a heart.

I occasionally find a batch of small shells in a thrift or dollar store, bring them home, boil them in case of disease, dry them, boil them again, and donate them to my hermits. Sometimes they get used; only the hermits know which ones are acceptable and which ones aren't. It makes a change from the old, algae-coated, often broken (see the shell this hermit is climbing over), everyday batillaria shells that most of them are wearing.


  1. I think I discovered your blog doing a google search about hermit crabs. - Margy


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