Friday, April 05, 2019

Pink and yellow

More orchids. This is the second blooming this year.

Half opened flower. The buds are a strange, curved triangle shape, like a half of a crescent moon.

Taken inside, in the orchid's favourite spot, under a yellow lamp. It grows happily here, not so well anywhere else.


  1. Beautiful. I love all the colours popping up now. Do you know anything about white slime mold? I think that is what was oozing down our granite cliff after the rain on Thursday night. It was bright white with tracks as it worked its way down the cliff. I couldn't get close for a good picture, especially in the bright sun. - Margy

  2. There are several white slime molds found commonly in coastal BC. E-Flora's introductory page has photos of several common ones. Tapioca slime mold is a frequent spring find. Sometimes, though, they're hard to identify even from close-up.

    1. Thanks. I joined a Slime Mold Facebook Page. They have one for everything I guess. I'll look at your link. Wish we weren't heading out that morning. Then we could have figured a way to get to shore for a closer look. - Margy


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