Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Snowed in.

It's snowing. It's not all that cold; this is the mild coastal rainforest zone, after all; it rarely gets very cold here. So the temperature's hovering just below freezing, even overnight; enough for our normal rain to turn to snow.

I went out at midnight last night to watch it come down.

View from my carport. Handheld, slow shutter to show the streams of blowing snow.

My poor Sweet Williams. Last week one was starting to flower. In the background, someone was smart enough to get his car off the steeply inclined driveway. I wasn't. Flash freezes the snowflakes.

And the snow keeps coming. This afternoon, the snow plow finally arrived to clear the street, but it's completely snowed under again now.

I put on my boots for the first time this winter and went out to follow cat tracks in the snow. (They travel in leaps, bounding up out of the snow with each leap. Their tails drag in the snow behind them, collecting snow to drop on my chairs.)

Long-suffering bird, tolerating sun, rain, wind, and now snow, never complaining, just quietly rusting away.

Baby monkey tree. I photographed it in the snow two years ago. Back then, the upper branches were just stubs.
My landlady put this in a few weeks ago. Unidentified. Pale flowers, still on the plant in winter.

One of my spring flowers, I'm not sure which. I've got hundreds of bulbs in; daffs, tulips, bluebells, snowdrops, crocuses, and many mystery bulbs discovered when I turned the soil.


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