Thursday, January 24, 2019

Huckleberry spider

Our red huckleberry, common in our deep rainforests, is evergreen, after a fashion. It sheds its leaves in the fall, like the rest of the deciduous plants, but the stems and branches stay bright green all winter. And now, with the warm winter that we're having, they are deciding it's spring already, and sending out bright pink buds.

Huckleberry shrub, Canyonview trail

Zooming in to see the pink buds.

Moving around the bush, looking to find a less busy background, I almost put my nose through a spider's web.

Long-legged trapper.

I haven't seen many spiders, or insects, either this winter, although I've been searching for them, so I was glad to see a spider, and I hope she's had better luck with insects than I have.

Blurry; she's noticed me, and is pretending to be a bit of twig or dry pine needle twisting in the wind.

And maybe it will be safer over here on the branch.

I had frightened her, so I backed off and went my way. At least I hadn't broken her web.

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