Sunday, May 20, 2018

On a wild rose

The wild roses are blooming, and bees of all sizes and shapes are happily harvesting pollen. One small bee was too busy to worry about me and my camera.

A long, skinny, non-fuzzy bee. Her* saddlebags are half full of yellow pollen.

"Gotta check the back side, too! Don't want to miss any!"

And I always have to ask; is it a bee or a bee mimic?

Bee. Fuzzy photo, but shows the eyes and double wings.

This one's a bee. Small eyes; a hover fly's eyes take up most of its head. Four wings, two stained-glass ones, two folded underneath. Long antennae, with an "elbow". Flies have stubby little antennae. And the saddlebags for carrying pollen, showing she's a female.


  1. I'll take anyone who helps pollinate, except maybe a yellowjacket near the cabin. They make dinner outdoors so difficult. Just got back from a wonderful trip to Comox, Ucluelet and Tofino. - Margy

  2. We seem to be low on pollinators this year. It's good to see the bees! I also noticed a variety of beetles in the flowers.


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