Sunday, August 06, 2017

Smoky light

The sun, these days, when it's visible through the smoke, is red. Or sometimes orange.

Early in the morning, I tried to take its photo through my dusty window; another layer of filtering to help the camera out. Mostly, it still saw the world as a dull purple, the sun as a circle with a burnt-out centre. Hiding behind windowsill stuff helped a bit.

Lightening up the sky smoke to reflect what my eyes saw.

I gave up and wandered around the room, taking photos of the sunlight at second hand. I liked these two.

Red light bouncing off a Homalomena leaf.

My pot-sitting turtle likes the warm light. The stems are an orchid; I don't remember what the variegated leaves are.

The fires continue. BC Wildfire Service reports 112 active fires as of midnight, an hour ago. There are two new ones just south of here, one right on the highway. Happily, it's very small and should be under control soon.

One of the fires, in Hanceville, where I have always stopped for a meal on the way to and from Bella Coola, covers 148,389 hectares. That's 573 square miles. No buildings are endangered; they've already burned down. The road is just that much lonelier.

Rain! Please, rain!


  1. The fires are terrifying. There's a tension in the calm of your latest post. The photographs in this and several of your recent posts are fantastic.
    I don't get to read all your posts so I may be missing important information. Is there a reason there are so many (wonderful) insect photos instead of ones of aquatic creatures? (The water creature posts are always interesting and sometimes extraordinary but for sheer beauty, the insects beat them in my eyes.)
    Did I tell you my blog has moved? I'm worried in case I'm becoming repetitive but do also want people to know - it's at
    It seems rather trivial to mention blog URLs when the fires are raging. Sorry for that.

    1. Thanks, Lucy.
      I've not been spending as much time on the beaches as usual. I think it's mostly to do with the difficulty of getting to the low tide mark on time, over difficult terrain, and with a few recent back problems. Even the collection of goodies for my tank critters has suffered.

      Yes, I have updated my reader so that I never miss one of your posts. I should comment more often so you know I'm there.

  2. The news of the fires is awful. My son normally bikes to work, but he can't with the smoke.


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