Friday, August 04, 2017

Just remembering

... when the skies were blue.

And I needed a jacket.

I needed that.

Four new fires have started today, just south of me, here on the Island. The sun was red, glaring angrily through the smoke; it's hard to breathe, outside.

Up north, at Kleena Kleene, people who had returned to their homes have been evacuated again. The highway is closed. There's a fire out of control just out of the Bella Coola valley. My daughter is somewhere in that mess.

The fire near Bella Coola was started by lightning, but our local fires, says the BC Wildfire Service, were started by people. Carelessly lighting bonfires, or tossing cigarettes, probably. Why? Why? Why?

We're all hoping for rain.

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  1. Well, given those fires I guess I can forgive you for wanting winter a little early!


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