Saturday, June 24, 2017

June flowers, take 2

Another batch of June flowers from Oyster Bay:

Hare's foot clover, Trifolium arvense.

So soft!

In a crack in driftwood. Unidentified, about 6 inches tall.

More of the same. A baby peppergrass, maybe?

I think this is one of the stonecrops.

I've been checking each plant I've photographed with a 2005 checklist of vascular plants from the Oyster Bay Shoreline Park. So far, everything has been on the list, but I couldn't find these stonecrops.

Yarrow, again. 

A daisy. The disc flowers develop from the edges inward.

Large-headed sedge, Carex macrocephala. I sat on a clean patch of sand to get this photo, and was attacked by a stray seed pod. Those babies are sharp!

And there's more! But I'll be offline for a few days. Coming up when I'm back: holey seaweed, black-saucer lichen, grasses ...

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