Sunday, June 04, 2017

Dove or Eagle?

Around a picnic area at Lake Roberts, wild crimson columbine brightens the edges of the forest.

Aquilegia formosa, a perennial native to the west coast.

The flowers are edible and sweet; hummingbirds love the nectar collected in the long spurs. But the seeds are poisonous and the rest of the plant may be problematic. I don't think I'll try the flowers; it's enough just to look at them.

My guide says that "Haida children were told not to pick the flowers or it would rain." And since it will always rain sooner or later on this wet coast, the elders were sure to be proved correct.

The name, in Latin, means "beautiful eagle"; the common English name means "like a dove, or pigeon". I can see the eagle, but not the dove.

A style has gone a-wandering. And what's that bug?

A syrphid fly with big, burgundy eyes and yellow striped legs.

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  1. the same comment was made for trillium by the Makah; picking them makes it rain. In the Olympic rain forest during trillium blooming season, there must have been A LOT of guilty children. That last photo is a total gem


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