Monday, March 13, 2017

Hairy moss

I joined a group this morning for a walk in the dripping wet, mossy Miracle Beach Provincial Park, looking at mosses, liverworts, and lichens, with guides from the local naturalists' society. (CVNS) I came home with a wet camera and a couple of hundred photos.

Tortula muralis
Tortula muralis, Wall screw-moss.

(This photo is not from the walk, but from a rock along the coast, last week. Today's tour guide has identified it as Wall screw-moss.)

This moss grows on rock, and preferably on concrete, so is found most often in urban areas. The hairs at the tip of each leaf, showing white in this photo, are a diagnostic feature. The name, "screw-moss" refers to a microscopic feature of the spore capsules.

I think the base rock is really an abandoned chunk of retaining wall.

I will be processing mossy photos for the next few days.

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