Monday, December 05, 2016

Overhead, underfoot

Driving to Gold River, I stopped at a rock face beside Upper Campbell Lake to look at lichens. I found some I've never seen before.

Devil's matchstick, Pilophorus acicularis. These were in the corner of a photo I took of moss on the cliff face. I hadn't seen them when I took the photo, so I missed half the patch.

Unidentified bush lichens growing on bare rock.

Bulls' eye lichen, Placopsis gelida, growing on the cliff face. This lichen bears three kinds of reproductive structures; powdery soredia, fleshy pink cephalodia and saucer-shaped apothecia. (Click for a full-size view.)

Some sort of bone lichen, plus a few strands of reindeer lichen. On a broken branch at the foot of the cliff.

A bit of lungwort, Lobaria pulmonaria, I think. And some delicate white polypores, on another dead branch.

Rag or bone lichen, with cup-shaped fruiting bodies.

Farther along on the same branch.

White, stalkless mushrooms. With beetle, snail, and globular springtails. Click to zoom in and see the crinkly texture, like gathered fabric, and the furry edges.

This one, as shot, uncropped, has everything; shrub lichen, leaf lichen, moss, cedar twigs, cup lichen, a pine twig, pine cone, yellow jelly, and a few mushrooms. And a red stem. Everything lands higgledy-piggledy at the bottom of the cliff.

The cliff face is at the head of the middle arrow. More photos of this trip, tomorrow.

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  1. Some neat lichens there. I find them so hard to identify.


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