Friday, December 30, 2016

Flunking logic class

Complaining works. Sometimes*. I grumbled about the rain yesterday, and a few hours later, the sun came out. There was even a rainbow!

I dropped everything and went to look.

Sun and shadow. With a cormorant on a rock. The sun is favouring Quadra Island, not us.

There's a pot of gold there, somewhere at the bottom of the channel. The dotted line is where the current fights with itself as the tide changes.

*Confirmation bias strikes again!**
**And post hoc ergo propter hoc, too.***
***That's ignoring all the times I grumble at the weather, and it just keeps on raining.


  1. I've been through Seymour Narrows once at slack and even then the current had lots of rips. And heading up Johnstone Strait has been even more problematic. I'm such a calm water boater. - Margy


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