Monday, October 17, 2016

Wood, feathers and choppy water

On Tyee Spit, just before sundown.

Bear and gull. Taken from the shelter of the car. It had stopped raining, but the wind was cold and wet.

It looks like the storm is over, with only minor damage done. The water in the channel was still agitated this afternoon, and there were very few boats willing to brave it, but the ducks were bobbing merrily on the waves, and flocks of gulls were cavorting in the wind.

Willow Point, 5:05 PM. Small black dots in the water are ducks; larger ones are new logs coming in.

The Quadra Island ferry, starting across. 6:29 PM. Sunset was at 6:26.

6:34. One lonely fishing boat heads north, in the quieter water off Quadra Island.

According to the weather people, we can expect another 9 days of rain, but it will be "light". And the wind is down to 18 km/h., a gentle breeze on the Beaufort scale.

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