Tuesday, October 11, 2016

All tattered and torn

Poor little cabbage white! Life has not been treating him well.

But as long as there are sunny afternoons, and yellow Brassicas, he'll keep flying.

The cabbage butterfly prefers purple, blue and yellow flowers over other floral colors ... (Wikipedia)

On to the next flower; delicious nectar!

On the Myrt Thompson trail.


  1. I have nothing left in my garden with blooms except for the marigolds. We had freezing temperatures in town, but up the lake we were still at a low of 5C. Not bad for my plants to still survive. We did get snow at higher elevations with the last storm. It was so good to see the peaks topped in white. Maybe it will be a better snow pack year. - Margy

  2. It's down to 6C here, but should warm up a bit because we have more rain on the way. My nasturtiums and hollyhocks and geraniums are still blooming, a bit raggedly.


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