Thursday, October 20, 2016

A bit of wind

I wanted a few grey weather photos. It was raining again, so I took a couple through the open window of the car. Then I walked down to the water's edge, just a half step above the level of the highest waves, hunkered down for a low shot, and a freak wave pounded in, soaked me to the knees, and almost bowled me over. End of session.

Wet and windy. (Fresh breeze, 33 km/h.) Near the 50th parallel. The only boat out there is the Quadra Island ferry.

I'll try again another day.


  1. A bit? I think it looks like quite a bit. I'm ready for a bread from the clouds, rain and wind. I don't mind it so much if there is a sunny day or two in between storms. - Margy


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