Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Goblets and towers

This is a pixie cup lichen.

Cladonia sp., possibly C. gracilis.

Cup lichen growing with mosses. The flattish "leaves", called thalli, are another stage of the same lichen.

Thalli of the Cladonias are composed of two parts – the squamulose primary thallus, developed on the substratum, and the secondary thallus consisting of erect podetia - pointed or cup-forming outgrows, occuring on the upper surface of the primary thallus. (Lichens in the Pieniny)

And I've found a match for the towering cup lichen that I posted a few days ago.

Cladonia verticillata.

And, following a comment on that day, I'm renaming it for my private memory bank as the "Dr. Seuss lichen".

See what I mean? Image from The Architecture of Dr. Seuss.

Lichen found here.

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