Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Roadside snaps

Tahsis. Malaspina Lake. Bull Lake. Oyster River. Quadra Island. Rebecca Spit. Gold River. Leiner River. Roberts Lake. And more; I've been there this past week, on an unexpected vacation with family. And now I'm home and starting to sort photos.

Miner's lettuce, moss, ferns, by the side of the Leiner River trail.

All along the highways there are these signs: Elk, 8 km. Elk, 45 km. Elk, Elk, Elk. I've been watching and have not seen even one. Until last week, along the Tahsis highway, a mother and her calf were crossing the road as we came around a curve. By the time we'd stopped, they were in the bush, but I got a quick photo as they turned to watch us from behind the trees.

A poor photo, but I'm happy.

Unidentified lake beside the highway to Tahsis.

Mushrooms next, I think.

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  1. They relocated elk to the Powell River area maybe ten years ago or more. The herds have grown in size so they issued several elk draws for hunters this coming fall. - Margy


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