Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ripe berries!

It's huckleberry season!

I tried a few. They're sweet and juicy now.

Tiny red jewels in an emerald and lime-green forest.

And I saw my first Saskatoons of this year.

Serviceberry, aka Saskatoon, almost ripe.


  1. "Serviceberry...what an odd name", I thought as I read your post last week. I did a quick web search to see what were the differences with blueberries, expecting that I'd never come across one in real life. That very evening, as I walked past a nearby school, I took a closer look at the planted shubbery that I had assumed all were blueberry bushes. I tasted one of the berries, and they had the dryish texture that I read about. I then read the tag - "Serviceberry". Coincidence? Or just observational selection bias?

  2. Sometimes it seems that just knowing the name of something makes you able to see it where before it was invisible.


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