Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Emerald on a Chinese mountain

It's hot, even after dark. I opened an unscreened window, just a crack, to get a cross-breeze, and barely an hour later, this moth had moved in and was resting on a painted paper scroll my grandfather brought back from China in 1927.

Common emerald moth, Hemithea aestivaria

I love his feathery headdress. Here it is, full-size:

The rest of the feathers are mostly green; these are turquoise.

I think he's a male, according to BugGuide.

Females have simple antennae. Males antennae are simple in the outer 1/4, but in the hand you should see short pectinations, perhaps serrate, basally. (Comment by Bob Patterson, Bug Guide)

Pectinations are projections like the teeth of a comb.

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  1. such elegance in nature. I love the detail of the wing edges in cream. My favorite color. Have certainly never seen anything like this, here it is urban colored tigers.


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