Thursday, April 07, 2016

Home again

Midnight supper on the Mazatlan beach. Lunch in Mexico City. Supper somewhere over Arizona. Midnight supper in New Westminster, lunch on the ferry in the Strait of Georgia, supper at home in Campbell River. 21 hours travel time.

I'm back. I'm sunburnt, my feet are blistered. I've ridden in buses, open-sided taxis, planes, motorcycles, ferries, and boring cars. And I'm tired, tired, tired.

But I had a good visit with my son, I watched frigate birds soaring overhead, and I got down eye to eye with a pelican.

Patient pelican

And I came home with almost a thousand photos to sort. Better get started!


  1. So glad you had a good visit with your son.

  2. Welcome home. Looking forward to seeing what you saw there. Love this close-up pelican.

  3. When we lived in Southern California pelicans were a common sight at the beach. I loved to watch them skimming the water in formation. - Margy

  4. I can't wait to see more pictures! What a difference between where you visited and where you live - as far as temperature and flora and fauna! Hope your little aquarium critters are all ok!

  5. Welcome home, I, too, am looking forward to seeing all your pictures and reading about your adventures. I love your site, it always makes me feel happy, thanks cool Wanderer.

  6. Thanks, Valerie; that made my day!


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