Saturday, March 05, 2016

Fuzzy cups and camera selfies

Between rain and rain, the sun made a feeble attempt to break through the clouds, without much success. I followed it east, to Strathcona Dam, hoping for mushrooms. And found these, on a rotting log:

Cup mushrooms, with selfie (camera and fingers). The largest is 6 mm. across the top, about the same in height.

In situ.

Everything; the log, the ground, the trees, and the mushrooms were wet. The sun doesn't reach to this hiding place very often.

Top view, with water droplets and wet moss.

More on the dam area, tomorrow.


  1. Very cool! Any my kind of selfie.

  2. Now those are cute mushrooms! Never seen them.

  3. Bird Nest fungus. Totally charming. You will have to visit them when it is dry and they have their "eggs"

  4. So delicate. I have a mushroom I'm trying to identify. What do you use? - Margy

  5. Upupaepops. I've never seen the eggs. I did bring a fragment of the log home, and I'm keeping an eye on the 8 little nests. Maybe they'll develop some.

    Margy, I have the Audubon Field Guide, but there are far too many species of fungi, some restricted to very small areas, for it to be more than a general pointer. I often Google images and scan hundreds of them until I see something similar, then re-Google with more specific criteria, sometimes several times. And with fungi, I'm still usually left with only a vague idea of where they fit.


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