Sunday, March 13, 2016

Busy busy

What is it with To-Do lists? I'm going to Mexico in a couple of weeks to meet up with my son, who I haven't seen since last century, and suddenly the lists start sprouting on my desk. And though I keep crossing things off, they just keep getting longer anyhow.

(I just now thought of two more tasks that must be added. When will this end?)

In all my busyness, sometimes I pause to look out the window. And even through rain-washed glass and insulating plastic sheeting, the forsythia on the lawn is glorious.


Random shot at windowsill stuff. Just because. The purple scrap is a finished African violet.

Now. Back to work. Gotta get ahead of those lists.


  1. Hi, Susannah. I'm a great believer in To-Do Lists, but just a few days ago I was thinking that things were getting out-of-hand when one of the items I added to my list was "Organize To-Do Lists".

  2. :D That seems so logical, somehow!

  3. Here in Crete we don't have to-do lists we have wish lists. These are the things you wish to get done, if you achieve half of them (particularly if any form of officialdom is involved) you pat yourself on the back and have a drink to celebrate!

  4. Steve, that may be more realistic. My In box has a layer, down at the bottom, of long forgotten, half-finished to-do lists.

  5. Have a great time in Mexico and visiting with your son after all this time. Love the glass in the windowsill.


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