Saturday, February 20, 2016

Waste not

The challenge this week at DPS was to photograph food at the dinner table. I was thinking of this as I chopped veggies for my supper, (which turned out delicious, but not photogenic) when I found that one of my tomatoes had sprouted a fungus. So I ate the supper, and photographed the tomato.

Roma tomato, with pin mould, Mucor sp.

Transparent stalks, with round fruiting bodies (sporangia) at the top.

New sporangia are transparent, becoming dark grey as they ripen.

Zooming in

"Young" threads, with tiny growing sporangia

And then the tomato, mould and all, went into the compost bin. Nothing goes to waste around here.


  1. Hmmmmmm ..... not the most appetizing! ... but enlightening. I just photographed little black balls on tiny stalks on a soggy oak leaf. Now I know I photographed a mold.

  2. when I saw your picture before reading your post, I thought the tomato was some sea creature. The colors and texture are really quite beautiful. I will have to look more closely at my aging produce.


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