Sunday, February 07, 2016

Lake X

"Brown's Bay Resort", the sign said. Only 5 km. off the main highway north. It was after sunset, and I should have been heading home, but what's 5 km?

An hour's drive, it was, there and back. The road is potholed gravel, sometimes one lane only. It winds through dark forest, past rocky outcrops covered with moss, over rushing creeks, and passes two tiny lakes glittering through the trees.

The last of the light. 5:45 PM. 

The lakes are pictured on Google maps, but have no names. This one's a small triangle; I was standing on the bottom edge.

By the time I got to Brown's Bay, the stars were out. I looked around, and drove back home for supper.

I'll be back, in daylight.

A Skywatch post.


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