Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Water always wins

Since I was a child, so long ago, I loved to sit on the shore or a dock, just watching the waves. On they came, one after another, never ceasing, always changing and never changed. On and on and on; they'd been rolling in since time immemorial, and they'd be rolling in when we were long gone. More than the mountains, more than the stony cliffs, more even than the stars above me, the ocean settled me, gave me a sense of permanence, of something to count on.

Two old pilings catching a wave; constant  movement meets stolid resistance.

I've grown old, and the waves still roll in, as always. And I'm still awed by their power; such a soft, yielding substance is water, yet it hammers away, year after year, rolling stones, crumbling breakwaters, consuming pilings, rocks, cliffs, entire land masses.

Rolls, circles, droplets, and Velcro hooks (Far left)

I walked on the quiet beach the other day; the only sounds were the constant swish, swish, swish as each wave landed on the beach. And the rattle and rumble of stones pushed to and fro, the shore being shaped, yet again, by the encroaching tide.


  1. Fascinating sound, stones rolling in the waves! Nice post.


    We turn our backs and
    Breaking waves waste beauty
    On the un-viewed beach.

    7 May 1989, Yakan Point, Graham Is., Haida Gwaii.

    1. That used to bother me; the waste, the waste!

  3. The sounds of a very nice day. Think of you, Shirley

  4. Whoever wrote the phrase, "if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it..." has obviously not been near the ocean, a better example whose constant activity extends well past human existence, yet shapes the planet in unseen ways continually.


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