Sunday, January 24, 2016

People food

In midwinter, the seaweed harvest on the shore is limited; here, it's mostly shreds of red algae, much battered, and mostly rotting. Occasionally, then, I supplement my critters' diet with a bit of people food, from the supermarket. Dried nori seaweed, made for sushi wraps. The brand I buy contains nothing but seaweed; no flavourings or additives. And all my critters love it! (Even the mud snails.)

Here's a green shore crab, hogging a section for himself, keeping an eye out for marauding hermits.

"Mine, mine, mine, all mine!"

I gave them enough for a small plate of sushi last night. This morning, there wasn't a shred left.


  1. when you are in the big city, check out the asian market for Kombu, dried kelp. It is used for making soups and broths, but can also be eaten for itself. Usually comes in dired sheets, but does come flaked

    1. Kombu. I'll make a note of it. Thanks!


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