Friday, January 08, 2016

A mouthful of tentacles

My big plumose anemone, "Metty" (Metridium senile), is a creature of many moods. Sometimes she's standing proud and tall, waving a dense froth of grasping tentacles. A bit later, she's hunched down, pinched in around a new waist. Or she may frown over some imagined outrage, with censorious, pursed-up lips; "Hermits these days: no manners at all!" Or she'll just opt out, and lie flat; "I'm not coming out. It stinks around here!"

Yesterday, she was happy, and hungry, and opened her tentacles and mouth wide, begging for tidbits.

" A bit of shrimp would be lovely about now."

I just checked. Right now, she's hunkered down into a cone about an inch high, with a small, frizzy topknot of tentacle tips. She's probably complaining about the temperature, so I've given her an extra load of ice.


  1. What we don't do for our critters!!

  2. Beautiful photo! :)

  3. You should write a children's book about your tank and it's inhabitants complete with your pictures. I'd buy it just for myself.

  4. Thanks, Gnome and Linda! Eileen, :D My underwater critters and your Mingus; equally spoiled, I think!

    Susan, I've been thinking along those lines, although not specifically for children. Photo books do turn out to be expensive, so I've been slow to act on the idea.


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