Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dozens of little legs

Last month, my spider-in-a-box laid a clutch of eggs and wrapped them in a silk blanket. When she added a second egg sac, I posted photos here.

Steatoda bipunctata, with first batch, November 6th.
And then ...

November 14th. The eggs are a bit darker.

November 25th. Noticeably darker, and spreading out a bit.

This morning, December 14th. They seem to be moving about in there.

And tonight, 5 weeks after egg-laying. Spiderlings! Still inside the silk cocoon.

They'll be moving out of the egg sac soon, but I couldn't wait to post these pre-hatch photos.


  1. I love your adventures. Thanks for letting me tag along

  2. I'm holding my breath, waiting for one to venture forth.

  3. I had expected that the eggs would need to overwinter (ie. be in stasis for months)...5 weeks a pretty quick turnaround!

    1. Maybe it's because they're inside, on a cool windowsill in a cool room, but still slightly warmer than it was outside, even under shelter and close to a warm wall, where I found the mother.


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