Saturday, November 28, 2015

Orange squiggles

The last warm rays of afternoon sun at the marina:

Reflections, with harbour seal, on his way down.

This seal was dawdling in the gaps between docks, drifting along, looking about, then slowly sinking. I saw him or his friends several times, always idling along. At the last, the sun had disappeared, and my teeth were chattering. I shivered back to the car and turned the heater on high.

Squiggles and boats, but the seal is gone.


  1. The masts make nice squiggles. We just bought a 20-foot sailboat. Wayne tried a smaller Laser but it kept tipping over on him. It arrives in Powell River the first week of December. We found it in Vancouver and the only way to get it from the ocean to the lake was by trailer. The funny thing was it cost almost the same to haul it all the way from the big city than five kicks from the Powell River harbour to the lake's marina. Go figure. - Margy

  2. Love these squiggly reflections. Quite beautiful.


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