Monday, November 16, 2015

Glimpse from the highway

Menzies Bay, Seymour Narrows.

Looking northeast, towards Ripple Rock.

Out for a short drive on a sunny afternoon, I took the highway north, towards Sayward. The view is mostly of trees, trees, trees, but there are occasional gaps where the forests have been cleared to make way for logging operations. This is the MacBlo log sorting site, most of it hidden in the bay to the left.

Ripple Rock was a rock in the middle of the Narrows here, where the currents are strong. It caused many shipwrecks and deaths until it was blown up in 1958.

The explosion took place at 9:31:02 am on 5 April 1958. 635,000 metric tons of rock and water were displaced by the explosion, spewing debris at least 300 metres in the air which fell on land on either side of the narrows. The blast increased the clearing at low tide to about 14 metres (45 feet). (Wikipedia)

There is a good trail to a viewpoint at the tip of the hill in the foreground, and on the far side, a campsite and marina. I'll plan on visiting next spring.

(I cut out an electrical pole because it obstructed the view. Our brains edit these things out automatically, but the camera never does.)


  1. That is a beautiful view.

  2. Looks like a good view to paint, if I could do such a thing. I hate taking a boat through the narrows. When Ripple Rock was there it must have been ten times as frightening. - Margy

  3. Was just thinking the same thing... This is a photograph of a painting. Great composition.


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