Saturday, October 17, 2015

Previous tenant

Well, I'm here in Campbell River, half unpacked, sort of settled in. My name is on the lease, but I've met a few long-term residents who disapproved of the extra company. This big guy had laid claim to the hall closet.

He's about an inch and a half long, toe to toe.

I let him be, but installed a light, and went about loading jackets and brooms and odds and ends that don't have a home yet, and by the next morning, he'd gone in search of quieter rooms. Just as well; I didn't really want to find him in the pocket of a jacket one day.


  1. Hopefully he is harmless, although I think I would have trapped him and put him outside. Hope your sea critters are doing well.

  2. Most of the spiders around here are harmless. They make messes, and sometimes startle us, but they're not aggressive, nor poisonous (to humans). And they keep the earwigs and mosquitoes in check. So I'll clean up after them, and move them out of the way, but otherwise let them be.


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