Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Hawkweed and stripy fly. Beach Grove:

And the mini-selfie, with camera, on the fly's back.

Everything's packed and lined up at the door, ready for the truck, Except the computer, my breakfast, and my toothbrush. And the tank. Shutting down the computer in a few minutes. Tomorrow, the ferry and Campbell River!


  1. Good luck with the move

  2. I suppose Campbell River has changed, like everyplace has, but we remember it as the only place across Canada where there was a community of fellow-foragers around the supermarket dumpster:

    I. Dancing Window-bagels
    Swing Vega or Stan Rogers.
    Wilderness kitchen.

    II. Campbell River still
    Feeds us garbage, though it has
    Learned whole-wheat bagels.

    III. May memorials
    Each bagel times itself
    Each Mimp and.... here’s your proof.

    Sayward Junction, V.I., B.C., 26 May 1988

  3. I'll have to go look at the dumpsters to see if anyone's still there.


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