Monday, October 19, 2015

Failed excursion

I hadn't seen the Campbell River beaches yet this trip; I've been too busy unpacking. I finally set out this afternoon. Too late; no sooner had I reached the highway along the shore than it started to rain steadily. And I had come out without my jacket and only the pocket camera.

So I drove south, looking at beaches from the car, in the rain. Grey water, grey skies, grey stones, mist. A couple out in a skiff, not going anywhere, maybe fishing. More mist. And all along the shore there were people, ignoring the weather, out for their afternoon walk. Next time, I'll join them. Properly dressed, of course.

High tide, on a cloudy day. In June of 2010. Today, the light in the sky was still there, but barely.

Red boat on a blue-grey sea. June, 2010.


  1. I remember the beaches south of Campbell River as a solid mass of coarse woody debris

  2. It depends on how far south you go. From here to Stories Beach, it's mainly rocks and tons of green seaweed. Then the wood sets in.

    Today, off Ocean Grove area, a large evergreen tree was washing ashore, roots, top branches and all.


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